Cycling, Eco-friendly jersey, New productWe Launch the World’s First Woven Eco-Friendly Cycling Jersey

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With cycling dominated by printed polyester jerseys, we took the bold step to make a break from the industry peloton, using our skills and knowledge from producing woven base layers for multiple sports, to create the first woven, eco-friendly cycling jersey range for riders everywhere.

Being woven, our new jerseys shares the same superb temperature regulation properties that we at Megmeister have become renowned for, maximising the performance of cyclists. The new woven fabric also allows us to produce a truly body contoured jersey, giving a superb aero fit to the rider’s body.


Contributing to the eco ‘cycle’

Our revolutionary woven jersey range – available for both men and women – is an eco-friendly product made from a mix of dyed yarns and regenerated polyester rather than dyed and printed virgin polyester. This allows us to use much less water and less ink in the creation of the jerseys, which is often a by-product of printed jersey. The result of our new woven jersey technology will help to reduce textile landfill contributions, of which 60% is currently polyester.

Understated style meets substance

At Megmeister we understand the style needs of the modern cyclist, and the chic and modern designs of their new woven jersey range show that style is not an option - it’s woven into every thread. Our new jerseys are available in 10 striking styles including a houndstooth print, geometric patterns and stylish yet understated full colour options in varying shades.

With the choice on offer, riders can show their individual personality on the roads and ride in style.

Performance-led innovation

While the woven fabric is highly stylised, we have ensured that the technicity of the new woven jerseys is not at the expense of performance. Technical performance lies at the heart of all Megmeister garments, and during conception, the Megmeister woven jerseys were put through their paces in the climate chamber and the wind tunnel. The tests revealed where drag occurred (across the arms and tops of shoulders) leading to the incorporation of plain, regenerated polyester in these areas to minimise drag and maximise aero efficiency for the rider.

Don’t sweat it

As well as being aerodynamic, the woven fabric construction of the jerseys is extremely breathable too, maximising temperature regulation and keeping riders cool and dry and by wicking sweat away from the skin. The moisture is used how it should be, in cooling the rider, meaning that rider performance is maintained. They are the perfect, stylish companion to this summer’s riding season – both indoors and out.


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