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Every spring Classics campaign has its highs and lows, which isn’t just based on the results or what the racing decides to dole out over the differing terrains, whether that’s cobblestones, punchy bergs or hellish crosswinds. This time of year is where you can experience all four seasons in one six-hour race. Team Parkhotel - Valkenburg has taken on the elements come rain, wind or shine this season so far. After around 85 hours of racing under their belts this year already, they tell us why they are totally addicted to wearing their Megmeister baselayers, to help them race and perform no matter what the spring weather holds.


What’s been the toughest day of racing you’ve endured this Spring Classics campaign so far? 

Stage 5 of the Olympia’s Tour.


Why was it so tough? 

The conditions were brutal with a lot of rain, and the temperatures were around 3-4 degrees Celsius, with a lot of headwind and crosswind. On top of that, it was the last day of a tough stage race.


Are there any mental strategies or visualisation techniques that you use to perform at your best in bad weather? 

Try to focus on some important parts of the course, for example, how far till the next climb or how far till the next crosswind section. Don’t focus on the finish line too much. Otherwise, thoughts like “it’s still so far,” will start to creep into your head, and you’ll just focus on the cold all the time.



How much do you think feeling comfortable on the bike affects your performance? 

A lot! Most of the races we do are around 4 to 5 hours, which is a long time to be on your bike. When you’re not comfortable on your bike, for example because you’re cold, it’s going to be a really tough race and you will never be able to get the most out of yourself.


Are there specific tactics or strategies that are more effective in adverse weather conditions?

Always take a lot of clothes with you and put some dry clothes in the team car. I prefer to start with some extra clothes on, so I can always take something off if I start to get warmer. If it’s still too cold, I just go on the attack to warm myself up.


How long have you been using the Megmeister base layers for? 

Since the team camp at the beginning of this season.


Which of the Megmeister baselayers do you consistently rely upon for comfort whilst racing? 

Most of the time the Drynamo Sleeveless Base Layer, and then when riding with arm warmers I prefer the Drynamo Short Sleeve Base Layer. 



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