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We are proud to announce a cycling industry first with the launch of our new UltraFris Pro cooling range that will stop cyclists overheating on summer rides and improve performance.

Overheating is an age-old problem for cyclists with sweat being an uncomfortable by-product of intense riding and warm climates.The new Megmeister UltraFris Pro range spans jerseys, arm coolers and skull caps, and features an innovative in-built cooling system which uses an athlete’s own sweat to cool them down, turning a negative side-effect of heat into a performance enhancing cooling agent. Cool eh?

A first-class in-built cooling system

The UltraFris Pro product range contains patented fabric print technology which creates an endothermic reaction, absorbing excess energy in the form of heat from the body and releasing this heat through radiation.

In practice, as soon as an athlete starts to sweat, the UltraFris Pro fabric will begin to cool the wearer down acting like an in-built cooling system. All the time that riders sweat, the cooling effect of the fabric continues. When cycling into wind, this cooling effect is turbo-charged with sweat drying quicker.

Big Performance gains for athletes

It’s a proven fact that an athlete’s performance is improved using percooling methods which is a cooling method during activity. In light of this knowledge, we created our cooling UltraFris Pro technology to keep athletes not only cool and comfortable, but to help them better their performance too.

Keeping you cool and protected

Alongside keeping an athlete cool, UltraFris Pro fabric is stretchable and moves in sync with the body to give maximum comfort and reduce friction. When temperatures soar, the fabric also keeps you both cool and protected from the sun’s rays with UPF 50 built in to help prevent sunburn.

Our Megmeister UltraFris Pro range launches in July 2020 with prices starting at £27.50 for the Skull Caps, £32.50 for Arm Coolers and £119.95 for the jersey. Check out the range here


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