Our Partner Cycle Teams’ 2021 Aspirations

Our Partner Cycle Teams’ 2021 Aspirations

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This year Megmeister is thrilled to announce that we are again supporting Elite British Women’s cycling team, Team Boom Pods and U23 UCI Women’s Cycling Team, NXTG Racing, by supplying them with our base layers for training and competitions. We have also bought two new teams on board for this year: TalentNed (with speed skating and mountain biking teams) and Dutch UCI Continental Team, ABLOC CT which is a really exciting development for us as well as a great endorsement for the quality of our products.

Check out the goals and aspirations of TeamBoomPods and NXTG Racing below and be sure to stay tuned for more news of all our teams this year:

For Team Boompods, the aim in the upcoming season is to be competitive in the National Road Series and the Tour Series, as both are televised and draw in large viewing audiences which gives the team and its partners valuable exposure. Unfortunately, the Tour de Yorkshire, which is always a key target for the team is not happening this season, but it is hoped that the race will return in 2022.

In addition, the team aims to have a strong showing at the Women's Team Series and will be submitting an application into the Women's Tour of Scotland if that goes ahead. Finally, an overall aim of the Team is to focus its attention on the world of virtual racing. Throughout the first lockdown the team held group rides which were open to the public and riders also participated in a number of races on Zwift, so that is definitely an area the team will look to explore this season.

The team’s main aim outside of racing is to help to support the growth of women's cycling; women's cycling is on an upward trajectory at the minute and the team hopes to promote the female side of cycling in any way it can.

Fresh from a training camp in Moraira, Costa Blanca, the NXTG Racing team shares their ambitions for the year:

“We’re very ambitious for the 2021 season. We expanded both in quantity as in quality. With an international squad of 12 riders we’re aiming for our first official UCI win with NXTG Racing. Our main focus will stay on the development of our talented riders. We’ll do this with a mix of big and smaller races, where riders can develop from learning to winning. This all means we’re aiming for a season mixed with both valuable lessons and high performances, ending in great results.”

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