Cycling Weekly Baselayer Test

Cycling Weekly Baselayer Test

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Megmeister Drynamo winter cycle long sleeve base layer

"An excellent base layer which kept me warm in deep winter conditions - though the price tag represents the performance"

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

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Score 9/10


  • Stretchy fit
  • Warm and breathable
  • Wicks sweat well
  • Pricey

Megmeister is not a brand I was aware of before this base layer arrived at Cycling Weekly HQ. ‘Meister’ comes from the German word for ‘master’ or ‘craftsman’, and since the marque has a tunnel vision focus on base layers alone – each one specifically formulated for one sport – then it follows that it considers itself the base layer master.

The jewel on Megmeister’s crown is its ‘Drynamo’ technology. This method of construction weaves yarn in a way which promises the best in wicking capabilities, at a very low weight.

Megmeister Drynamo winter cycle long sleeve base layer

This sport specific version has been created for cycling, of course. Body mapping – with extra breathability at the back and tons of venting under the arms – aims to optimise airflow. The lower back is kept long, to ensure it doesn’t rise up when over the handlebars.

Megmesister’s seamless cycling base layer includes a 12 per cent Elastane content and offers four-way stretch which is unmissable when pulling this garment on. The material snaps to fit close against the skin perfectly, but feels as though it could encompass two of me if required (no, I’ve not tested this).

This fabric does feel notably different when compared with a standard base layer; I found it more comfortable than most – although the aesthetic did remind me of the kind of get-up I remember from teenage visits to Camden Town’s Cyberdog store.

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The goal of this material is to wick sweat and repel water, keeping the skin dry – with air pockets working to manage airflow. The Drynamo material has an antibacterial treatment deigned to keep whiffs at bay, too.

Where some deep winter base layers can swaddle you up, resulting in a feeling of claustrophobia, this garment breathed well and still kept me warm, even during high intensity rides where I was riding three to five minute intervals.

Upon return, the base layer generally felt quite damp, but didn’t feel wet against the skin when I paused on the ride.


A superb base layer which offers ample breathability and is warm without bulk. It would be understandable if the price tag was a deterrent, however you are paying for a quality construction.


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