Why You Need a Base Layer in Winter

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The first part of any layering system starts next to the skin, with the base layer. Ask any performance athlete and they will tell you that a base layer is the key to staying comfortable and warm during the winter. When temperatures plummet, you want to maintain your focus on the road ahead and your performance, not the cold weather. That’s why strong insulation is so essential.

Base layers provide this insulation by sitting snug to the skin, trapping a thin layer of warm air against the body. You would be wrong, however, to assume that insulation is the sole focus of the winter base layer. The key actually lies in finding the balance between breathability and insulation. Once a fabric begins to absorb sweat during exercise, it will turn cold as the cool air begins to come into contact with the garment. The fabric needs to be able to move moisture outside of the garment while maintaining that essential warm layer. With this in mind, avoid using cotton/merino garments at base level as they have a tendency to absorb sweat which can turn cold in high winds.

While many base layer technologies exist, they do not use our revolutionary DRYNAMO technology. Our mantra at Megmeister is to provide the next generation in performance and we are confident that we have invented a revolutionary garment that provides maximum breathability, while still maintaining that essential insulation. This has been achieved through the use of our revolutionary DRYNAMO fibres that have the lowest thermal conductivity on the market.

The winter collection is available now. Click here to shop the range and make sure you are base layer ready for the colder weather approaching.


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