The Case for Cycling Bib Shorts

The Case for Cycling Bib Shorts

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It’s warming up outside, so it’s time to switch out that cold-weather cycling gear for something lighter that stands up to the heat. While many cyclists go the traditional route and wear standard cycling shorts with a waistband, dedicated road warriors agree that bib shorts are the way to go. Why? Believe it or not, those unconventional shorts with suspenders may be the key to improving your performance — and enjoying your ride from the first mile to the last.

Not convinced? Then let’s dig deeper and explore why you should consider investing in quality bib shorts for your warm-weather rides.


What’s So Special About Bib Shorts?

Bib shorts are cycling shorts with shoulder straps or suspenders integrated into the shorts. They are usually made with a lightweight material such as Lycra or mesh. By design, they do not have a waistband and typically have a skin-tight fit for enhanced aerodynamics. By eliminating the waistband found in standard cycling shorts, bibs minimize friction, maximize freedom of movement, and make riding more comfortable.


Why Should You Choose Bib Shorts?

Riders who wear bib shorts religiously point to a few key reasons why they are superior to waistband shorts — specifically mentioning that bib shorts are much more comfortable, secure, and strategically designed to provide a great cycling experience.


Bib shorts offer superior comfort to waistband shorts; the longer your ride, the more important a comfortable fit becomes. The bib straps help keep the chamois and other parts of the shorts else in place without creating uncomfortable pressure points on the body. The secure fit also prevents fabric bunching, which can cause chafing during longer rides. Additionally, the high cut of the shorts means that if your jersey rides up your back while you’re on the road, you won’t expose any skin — and you’ll avoid the dreaded lower-back sunburn.


Nobody likes readjusting their gear because it keeps slipping during a ride. Bib shorts are designed to keep your kit securely in place, so you don't have to keep tugging and pulling at fabric to make yourself comfortable. Bib shorts also help keep the chamois in place to avoid adjusting and readjusting while you ride. By reducing the need for in-ride adjustments, bib shorts free you to focus on the road — a big deal at high speeds. A secure kit means a safer ride.

Strategic Design

Because bib shorts are secured at your shoulders rather than around your waist, you can take deeper, better breaths during your ride to keep your endurance and comfort levels high. Additionally, by using more moisture-wicking fabric than standard waistband shorts, bib shorts pull more sweat away from your body, keeping you cool as the outside temperatures climb.


Level Up Your Kit With Megmeister Bib Shorts

Megmeister bib shorts are designed to elevate your performance with superior comfort, breathability, and craftsmanship. Our internal research team spent years developing an exclusive, warp-knitted suspension system that allows our bib shorts to improve pressure distribution in the saddle and maintain impressive vibration dampening over time. Our premium bib shorts alleviate pressure points and ensure long-lasting comfort so you can forget your gear and focus on your ride.

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