Introducing the New Megmeister “Pro Ultrafris Cool” Range

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Just in time for the summer season, we are excited to announce our new Pro Ultrafris Cool range. We wanted to push our innovative approach to cycle wear to the next level. So, over the past year we spent time finding a solution to the summer cyclist’s biggest problem, overheating.

Our answer to this came in the form of our new Ultrafris range, an innovative technology that works to cool the body and improve performance. It’s a proven fact that an athlete's performance is improved significantly in warmer temperatures when the body is cooled during exercise. With this in mind, we wanted to create a garment that could offer continuous cooling effect.

So how does this new technology work?

The range contains Freeze Tech prints that are made from "xylitol erythritol”. These prints react with sweat produced from the skin. Once the sweat dries the temperature of the fabric drops and in turn creates that cooling effect. So as long as you sweat, the cold feeling will continue.

For cyclists looking to combat the problem of overheating, our Pro Ultrafris Cool range will be available as a pair of arm coolers, a headband, skull cap and a jersey. The product is moving into its final stage of development so stay tuned for further updates!


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