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Winter’s here and with it the time of year when base layers really come into their own, especially for those that are intent on keeping up winter training or participating in outdoor pursuits such as cycling, running, skiing or hiking.

Whatever you plan on wearing for your outer layers, if your base layer is not up to scratch and you don’t get your layering right, any time you spend in the cold and wet could get pretty miserable pretty quickly. But don’t panic, here at Megmeister we are the experts in base layers and our base layer technology will ensure you are best dressed for success in the outdoors, whatever the elements throw at you.

Swings In Body Temperature

Participating in winter sports activities involves swings in body temperature. You often start cold but heat up quickly when you become active. Your body produces heat and you perspire and this perspiration and moisture, if not dealt with properly by your base layer, can create an uncomfortable, hostile environment. And although your body heats quickly, without the right covering next to your skin heat can also be dissipated really rapidly on cold, windy days.

At Megmeister, we utilise a number of proven technologies in each of our baselayers to ensure the optimum bodily conditions are maintained throughout your activity cycle. Not just in terms of moisture management but also in the areas of comfort, warmth retention and performance.


Our proprietary DRYNAMO baselayer fabric is the result of years of intensive research and development, not just in the laboratory but out on the running track, and in the saddle with numerous professional and semi professional athletes.

DRYNAMO is one of the world’s most advanced technical yarns, and is the secret to ensuring our base layers lead the field in terms of quality, comfort and performance. DRYNAMO is also much warmer and stronger than traditional natural or synthetic fibres.

DRYNAMO is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial (no-odours), making it a great protector of your skin.

Moisture Management

When an athlete generates perspiration, DRYNAMO quickly transfers this away from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric. This is all done quicker and more efficiently than any other sports fabric and means the moisture does not hang around as is often the case in other fabrics, where it can become cold and uncomfortable against the skin.

The process whereby perspiration is pulled away from the skin is commonly referred to as ‘wicking’. And this process is actively encouraged by Megmeister’s DRYNAMO fabric. When the sweat reaches the surface of the material, it is exposed to air and dries quickly ensuring the wearer remains warm, dry and comfortable. During light sports activities it controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep the body’s thermal regulation system well balanced and the skin dry. Where higher levels of physical effort are involved, it transfers sweat from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric and into the environment. It does this quickly and efficiently.

DRYNAMO fibres do not actually absorb water which means they always stay dry, giving you a constant feeling of comfort on your skin. This is made possible by the microfibre’s high surface tension which ensures that water, damp and perspiration are carried outside the fabric where they can quickly evaporate.

Warmth = Comfort

DRYNAMO fabric is thermo-regulating. It provides a breathable thermal barrier which insulates the wearer from the elements whilst transporting sweat from the inside out. In effect, this protective barrier 'breathes' – to ensure that the skin stays dry as well as warm in winter.

Despite their impressive thermal effectiveness, Megmeister baselayers are actually very light and not at all bulky. This is because our DRYNAMO fabric has a low specific weight and this means higher levels of thermal insulation can be achieved with much lighter garments. In fact, DRYNAMO boasts the lowest level of thermal conductivity of any fibre, so providing the most effective possible weight for weight insulation against the cold.

The lack of bulk means our baselayers can be tight fitting and remain comfortable and close fitting however active you are.

Comfort is also enhanced by our special ‘seamfree’ garment production. Our baselayers are woven in one piece and have no seams to chaff and itch the wearer. This means of production also makes our baselayers more comfortable as the garments fit naturally to the body in one simple piece that works in concert with all your body movements.

Comfort and usability are enhanced by our use of body mapping technology to provide functional zoned mesh holes at the key heat zone areas of the body. These provide additional breathability and cooling that perfectly compliments the temperature regulating properties of the DRYNAMO fabric and helps keep the body temperature stable.

So whatever, you are planning on doing activity-wise in the winter months don’t forget to prioritise your base layer as the foundation for a more comfortable, more enjoyable and more effective experience.

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