Cycling, Off-seasonBase Layers and Base Miles - Covering All ‘Bases’ in the Off-Season

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The off-season can be a tricky time. It’s cold, often wet and usually windy. It’s easy to make excuses not to get out there and ride. But, it’s during this time that you can make all the difference. If you have any summer sportives planned or upcoming races, getting those base miles in during the off season is essential. So, here are our top tips for getting out there, embracing the off-season and getting in those necessary miles. 

Write a plan

Settle down with a coffee and a piece of cake. Think about the goals you want to achieve in the summer and work back from it. Be realistic with your time, but try and make sure you are getting on the saddle at least 3 times per week at minimum. Consistency is king when conquering the off-season. So work out those days you can definitely ride and STICK TO IT. 

Maintain a good diet

We bet you hear this one a fair bit, but we can’t stress how important it is. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the shorter days but during the off-season diets seem to go out of the window. If you are following the first two tips, it’s key that you have the diet to back up that structured riding plan. Keep it simple, focus on getting the perfect balance between your carbs and proteins. 

Go for longer rides

This one is pretty simple, but now is the perfect time to get out and ride those bigger distances. Don’t focus on your speed but instead, concentrate on the distance. The off-season is for building up the mental and physical strength and conditioning your body needs to achieve what you want in the summertime. Without any upcoming competitions, be it a sportive or race, the off-season is free for you to build your ability to ride at distance. Once you have those base miles, then it’s time to start flipping up your routine.

Get the right equipment

When you are exposed to the elements for longer durations,  it’s key to get your garments in check. Simply put, layering is your best friend. To get it right, start at the base. The off-season, particularly in Europe, is famously cold. That’s why you need to get the foundations of your layering right with our revolutionary base layer technology. Once the foundations are in place, think about the rest of your garments. 

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