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Megmeister, it is all about sustainability and performance!


Dutch cycling brand Megmeister finds its roots in the German word of Meister meaning ‘master’ or ‘craftsman’. The word meister is literally knitted into our DNA and outlines our approach to designing and producing the world’s most sustainable, most technical, performance wear. As a true performance brand, we are science led and data driven, and we always involve a “meister” in every step of product development.


The idea behind the Megmeister concept came from our founder, Jos Ruiterman. Through working for over 20 years in the textile industry and dealing with many of the world’s biggest sports brands with performance textiles, Jos realised that there was a huge opportunity to create “high end sustainable performance wear”. He initially focused his attention on a new type of base layer capable of delivering ‘Next Generation Performance’ to aspiring athletes across the sports and leisure activity spectrum.


The Megmeister goal is based on a very simple premise; we strive to always achieve top performance whilst reducing the impact of apparel on our planet, while at the same time improving people’s experiences in the outdoors. We don’t believe that it is necessary to compromise technical performance for sustainability as with effort and experimentation it is possible to push the boundaries of both, alongside continuing to further our mission to be the benchmark for generations to come.


With the words of Sir David Attenborough ringing in our ears: “we are wrecking the planet, but it is not too late to do something about it” we doubled our effort, we go the extra mile to ensure our footprint on this earth is as light as possible.


A collaboration with Adidas Terrex enabled us to raise the bar for high performance, sustainable eco-friendly base layers, which are 96% biodegradable and made out of regenerated yarn. So, as well as helping to clean up used materials we ensure we minimise our impact on landfill.


We created Drynamo™ - a new 100% seam free warp knit construction technology using yarns designed especially for high performance athletes featuring revolutionary moisture wicking capabilities, hypoallergenic qualities, ultra-low weight, supreme comfort and superior breathability.


So, if you take your sport seriously, we think you’ll be delighted to experience the ‘Megmeister’ difference.