Road CC Review of Short Sleeve Baselayer

Road CC Review of Short Sleeve Baselayer

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Strong-performing technical baselayer that offers loads of comfort

The Megmeister Drynamo Cycle Short Sleeve Base Layer is ultra-comfortable, shifts moisture away from your body well, and doesn't get heavy with sweat, although it's expensive.

The lightweight Drynamo fabric is 44% polypropylene Dryarn, 44% nylon and 12% elastane. Large areas on the front and rear of this baselayer, and under the arms, are mesh so there's masses of opportunity for moist air to get out and fresh air to get in.

There's loads of elasticity in the fabric – you can easily stretch this base layer to twice its original width – meaning that everyone will get a body-hugging fit without any tightness. It's soft-feeling and very comfortable with the only seams being along the tops of the shoulders.

The neck and sleeves are raw – there are no hems – and the same is true at the bottom of the baselayer, so there's no pressure there whatsoever. The back is cut 8cm longer than the front so there's no danger of it riding up and causing discomfort.

The fact that the Drynamo is in constant contact with your skin allows it to get on with shifting moisture outwards, which it does well without ever becoming heavy with sweat. Although nylon isn't great in terms of breathability, it wicks sweat well and absorbs little water, while polypropylene shifts moisture super-fast and dries much more quickly than polyester, which is widely used for baselayers. Any dampness that is retained by the Drynamo soon evaporates away with a small amount of airflow.

A few minutes after you've sweated it out on the toughest climb of the day, this baselayer might not be bone dry but it's not far off, especially those mesh sections. Some baselayers hold on to moisture a bit longer than is comfortable, meaning you feel cold on the next descent; that's not the case here, or with any other baselayer with a high polypropylene content that I've ever used. I do have a couple of ultra-light baselayers that dry out marginally quicker, but the the Drynamo does deliver on its promise of keeping you comfortable while riding at a high intensity in warm weather.

Overall, the Megmeister Drynamo is a top performer. It shifts moisture away from your skin quickly without becoming soaked itself, and the almost seamless design, raw hems and vast amount of stretch mean you're certainly going to stay comfortable in this one."

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