Why Cycling Bib Shorts Work Best

Why Cycling Bib Shorts Work Best

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Watch any pro cycling race, whether it’s the Tour de France, a World Cup mountain bike race, or the Unbound gravel endurance competition, and you’ll see all the racers wearing cycling bibs. The reason is simple: Bibs fit better, feel more comfortable, and hold their fit longer than cycling shorts. Indeed, a well-constructed, well-fitting bib will almost feel like a second skin. 


Here’s How Bib Shorts Win


  1. Thanks to the shoulder straps, bibs keep the all-important chamois pad right where it should be, tight against the skin so it doesn’t cause chafing. Unlike cycling shorts, bibs won’t lose their compression and start to sag down your crotch.
  2. Without a waistband that cuts into your stomach, cycling bibs allow for easier diaphragmatic (belly) breathing during hard exertions. That means deeper and fuller breaths when you need them most.
  3. No waistband on a cycling bib also means there’s no need for multiple layers or thicker, sweat-trapping fabric across your waist. Quality bibs use lightweight, more breathable fabric instead.
  4. Functionally, bib shorts last longer than basic cycling shorts thanks to the structural integrity added by the shoulder straps. Bibs will still fit and work well even when their fabric wears thin from years of use. Cycling shorts, on the other hand, will start to sag and bunch around the waist and have trouble staying up as the fabric stretches out over time.

PRO TIP: When wearing cycling bibs, pair them with a cycling jersey with a full-zippered front. This will make the inevitable bathroom break easier to manage since you’ll have to remove your jersey to pull down your bibs’ shoulder straps and drop your shorts.


Deconstructing the Perfect Pair of Bib Shorts


At Megmeister, we believe the perfect ride starts with the perfect pair of bib shorts. Hence the years of testing and searching for the best materials, design, and construction we put into our signature L8 Bib Shorts. They start with Megmeister’s proprietary chamois, which uses a technologically advanced suspension system under your crotch and stays dryer than traditional chamois options. This fabric construction improves the chamois’s vibration-dampening effect and reduces discomfort from moisture, which, in turn, means a more comfortable ride.

Holding that chamois in place is Megmeister’s ultra-lightweight stretch woven compression fabric that wicks sweat off your skin, dries quickly, and helps reduce muscle fatigue. The one-piece back strap improves fit around womens’ sports bras by reducing the potential for friction and discomfort over the back and shoulders.

PRO TIP: For the ultimate in cycling bib comfort, wear a lightweight base layer such as Megmeister’s Drynamo™ Short Sleeve Base Layer under the bib’s shoulder straps. This will reduce any shoulder friction you might experience, while its sweat-wicking fabric works to keep you comfortable. A base layer will also keep your top covered when you have to remove your jersey for a bathroom break.


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